LDV EV80 Electric panel van


LDV EV80 Electric Van

Zero emissions and reduced running costs make the LDV EV80 a great choice for short range customers. LDVs zero emission models boast a range of 120 miles on a single charge with their advanced electric power systems, providing greener power and in return, reducing environmental impacts.

120 miles on a single charge. Fully Charged in under 2 Hours.

The LDV EV80 will do 120 miles on a single charge! It will also fast charge to 100% in just 90 minutes allowing you to carry out your loading and unloading while it charges. An optional AC slow charger is available for any slow charge requirements. Fast charges on a DC charger.

It features a sophisticated electric power system, high-capacity lithium ion phosphate battery, permanent magnet synchronous electric motor and intelligent electric motor controller which give you high-efficiency and steady power output. Digital intelligent continuously variable transmission (CVT) Intelligent switching between the three power modes leads to a seamless speed change and gives an exceedingly smooth driving experience. EPB Electric park brake make the parking operation convenient and reliable, and helps prolong park brake parts’ service life.


Futuristic Features

Interactive high-tech dashboard system leads the way with an easy to ready display.


Digital Intelligent CVT

Intelligent power control system: automatically adjust torque and power of the motor under different conditions.


EPB System

Convenient and reliable, assists in extending the lifespan of parking components.

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